DNATEC Diagnostic Kit

DNA Technology Laboratory have developed  unique, practical kits for preserving samples and DNA  diagnosis. The magic kit consisted of DNA Preservation matrix, DNA Trap ,GMO test kit,  The cost of our kits is less than the cost of imported test kits.

DNA preservation matrix DNA preservation matrix was developed to preserve small samples or body fluid for subsequence for DNA extraction. The matrix is convenient for shipping and handling because no need to freeze samples.Two types of the preservation matrix, in single microtube (1 sample) and in 96-wells plates.

DNA Trap DNA Trap is used for extracting genetic materials from any sample tissue. The isolated DNA is very high quality to use for analysis in laboratory level. There are two sets of DNA Trap kit : DNA Trap I(for plant, animal tissues) and DNA Trap II (for animal feed and blood).

GMOs Test System  There are 2 sets of the GMO test kit.The test is very simple and no need to develop specific DNA marker or adjust PCR condition by yourself. D-GMOs Screening: use for the basic test for genetic materials from sample such as lectin gene for soybean, zein for corn and its for some other plants. The test kit can identify genetic material of the transformed gene such as CaMV-promoter and NOS-terminator). D-GMOs Identification: use for identifying the specific gene that may present in GM plants such as RRS for Roundup Ready Soybean, Bt-176 for Bt corn and Cry9C for Starlink corn. The kits are available in agarose gel base technique (PCR Ready Mix) and in Real-time base technique (Real-time PCR Ready Mix)

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